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A Visionary, a Philanthropist, and
a Type 1 Diabetic.

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Jason Gensler is the Founder of FT1D (Foundation for Type One Diabetes) and the creator of the Synergistic Philanthropy model. He has proudly dedicated his adult life to Social Entrepreneurship on behalf of the Type One Community.

Jason is a coffee connoisseur, beer aficionado & bacon fanatic.

He has lived with Type One Diabetes for 17years.

Jason consistently proves that thriving is possible, under all circumstances, especially when you do it with a smile and surround yourself with a great team.

As a Researcher at the Barbara Davis Center for the last three years, he worked on the PERL study (Preventing Early Renal Loss). This study was designed to prove whether there is a correlation between elevated uric acid and kidney function decline. PERL was funded by a $24M SDP (Special Diabetes Program) grant issued by the NIH and initially funded with a grant from JDRF. The goal of PERL is to determine whether a $0.10 a day generic medication can be a feasible treatment solution for Type One Diabetics to either delay kidney function decline or potentially halt kidney issues all together.

Jason was one of the first participants to write a letter to the FDA requesting ‘continued access’ of the Medtronic 670G Hybrid Closed Loop’ system, which culminated in an expedited approval of their revolutionary device. He has given hope to many Type One Diabetics as the T1D-Visionary. Jason’s motto is to Transform the T1D “Burden” into a “Blessing”. He’s been wearing the Medtronic 670G for the last 22months (since June 2015) and is planning to help test the next iteration of Medtronic’s ‘Artificial Pancreas’ technology.

A month of
daily calibrations

These Daily Calibration Pics display how accurate the sensor is, and how simple it is to stay safe in Auto-Mode. Jason, a former 530g user, is impressed with the major improvements in sensor accuracy.

Recent News

October 2016 ABC News

Jason shares his experience and everyday life as one of 123 people chosen to participate in a trial about the life changing device.

A day in the life of a type 1 diabetic

Take a glimpse at the day in the mind of a type one diabetic to see the stark contrast between the intense mental burden without this technology and life with the revolutionary hybrid closed loop system.

What It’s Like to Use the Medtronic 670G?

An article that Jason did, with a diabetes related publication called A Sweet Life.

Jason's interview with NightScout.

Jason discusses the 670g with NightScout, a well-known advocacy group that has catalyzed the progress in our med tech devices due to their grassroots efforts to encourage the Industry to develop tools for remote monitoring of blood sugars

Asked Questions

Jason shares answers to the questions he is most commonly asked about the 670g. He is always willing to share what he has learned throughout his two year journey with the pump.

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